Top Stag Do Locations in the UK

While no two stag dos are quite the same these days, it’s safe to say that a few days and nights away with the lads is going to involve a fair amount of revelry – the perfect stag do is all about having a laugh, celebrating your last few moments of bachelorhood before you tie the knot – so why not go all out?


The UK has really opened itself up in recent years to new and interesting stag do ideas and experiences, meaning that whether you’re hoping to keep things traditional with a pub crawl or two, or if you’d prefer an activity day or some much-needed time out on the beach, the country’s your oyster!  Here’s our break down of some of the best ideas and locations for stag dos across the UK right now.

Cheap and Affordable

Weddings can cost a fair amount of money these days, and so can the pre-celebrations!

Stag dos really don’t have to cost the earth, however, and depending upon the size of your group and what you’re all into on the whole, you’ll likely be able to make your communal cash travel a fair distance.


For a cheap, cheerful yet completely fulfilling stag experience, why not head to the coast?

Hidden hotspots such as Bournemouth down in the south are home to a wide variety of affordable activity days and experiences.

For example – paintballing, booze cruising, organized pub crawls and beach parties are all available at knock-down rates across the town – and if you’re the sort of group that’s looking for a strip club or two, there’s more than a few here to satisfy your needs.

Coastal stag dos and weekends are also a great way to soak up the sun and to go exploring the local waters – swimming, climbing, just jumping in – you’re free to enjoy the local landscape at very little cost.


Newquay, too, is a great hidden, affordable spot for the perfect stag weekend.

Surfing and coastal fun is just waiting for you here – though if you prefer keeping things inland, you can do far worse than look into local towns and smaller cities for go-karting, escape rooms, airsoft experiences and more besides.

You’ll be surprised at what’s nestled away in your local vicinity – it’s high time you took a closer look at what your locality has to offer you.

If You Have a Larger Budget

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There’s no shame in splashing the cash for your stag do – after all, you only get one, so you might as well make the most of it!

City breaks and booze cruises are absolutely prime choices for big stag weekends and dos with more than a little cash behind them.

The deeper you go into the city, the more awe-inspiring the opportunities get.


London, for example, while broad enough to offer value here and there in its own right, is the perfect UK hotspot for stag weekends where money is less of a concern.  Have you ever tried the Monopoly pub crawl?

That’s where you visit as many of the spots on the Monopoly board across the city – taking in a pub or bar at each space.

The challenge can be a bit grueling – for your bank balance, too – so make sure you have plenty of cash put aside for this one.

Elsewhere across London, why not try your luck at a high stakes casino?

There’s plenty of beer-tasting experiences, zombie experiences and – of course – booze cruises – for those looking to spend more than a few nights boozed up on the waves.

For those of us a bit further north, why not consider Edinburgh?

Home of the famous Fringe Festival, this may well be worth a shout for any stags looking to take in some laughs and for a twist or two on the classic do.  Be warned – tickets will run out very quickly, and they can be a little pricey, too!  Edinburgh is home to stag experiences both classy and gritty – why not take in some of the exclusive nightclubs across the city with VIP access?  Go beyond the city walls and try your hand at golf, or even white water rafting – if money is no object, the only limit is your collective imaginations.

Elsewhere in the north, Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds and York are all well-known providers of memorable nights out and unforgettable stag experiences – why not take a closer look at what cities have to offer and – if money is no object – go do it all?

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