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Spice Up Your Boring Relationship

Let’s face it – things can get a bit samey sometimes – and when you’re in a short or long term relationship with somebody and the bedroom fire seems to be fizzling out as time goes on, getting things blazing again can be a little tricky. 

If you’re with the right person and if you’re open to discussing new ideas and things to try, you’ve got unlimited options – but sometimes, shyness can get in the way! 

We’re here to help re-ignite any relationship flames which have all but been snuffed out – whether it’s making more time for one another or looking a little more closely at the things that turn each other on, there will always be a way back to fantastic sex. 

Here are some tantalising ideas for you to try the next time you feel your bedroom routine gets – well – a bit routine!


Talk About What Turns You On

Yes, really – communication – if you’re not already talking to each other about what floats your boat, it’s about time you started! 

Everyone’s into something – even the most shy, or those with less experience – meaning that when the mood is right, and when you’re both open to trying new things in bed, exploring your deepest fantasies can be a great way to re-ignite a flame or two. 

Think about how open you are to new experiences – and which things you’d like to try – and find yourselves a middle ground. 

The internet is also a great place to explore for ideas and scenarios – whether it’s roleplay, costumes, bondage or otherwise – don’t feel shy – no one’s going to be judging you, especially if you’re truly passionate about one another!

Sex Toys

Try Some Toys

We’re home to a huge range of branded toys and gizmos which are guaranteed to add a little more buzz to your bedroom – from remote control panties to mini vibrators, you can be discreet and dirty at the same time – a great way for you to explore what really turns your partner on. 

Adding spice back into your relationship is all about exploring each other’s buttons – and fantasies – and with a few adult toys in your arsenal, you can head out on a night of discovery that could open up a whole new world of fun for you both. 

Check out the hundreds of gadgets and top brand accessories we have in our online store to get started.

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Playing a Role

Roleplay may not be to everyone’s tastes, but there’s no harm in giving it a go!  Roleplay is a great way to explore deep fantasies which would otherwise be impossible – and a brilliant way to really get into a role or a character is to start dressing up to add to the realism. 

Fancy trying on a maid’s outfit?  What about a sexy twist or two on an army or police uniform? 

Roleplay can be fantastic fun, especially if both of you really get into things – and we just so happen to have a wardrobe full of scintillating costumes to try out – provided by some of the biggest brands in adult lingerie, costume design and jewellery.

Make it a Game

Tired of the same old scenarios – if at all?  Unsure what you’d both like to explore, or how? 

Try a game that’s specifically designed to introduce you to new ideas and scenarios which could well open you and your partner up – from sexy dice to games based around bondage and illicit fantasies, there’s something here for everyone to try – and it doesn’t matter who wins, as long as you both have a good time!

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Surprise Your Partner

Sometimes, the flame can go out when things get a little stale, or samey – while not everyone can be naturally spontaneous, it remains safe to say that the sexiest moments are ones which simply aren’t planned for – surprise your partner with gifts, massages, sweet nothings – be open about what you and your partner love, and make them the focus of your night. 

Showing your partner that they are appreciate will open up some very sexy doors for you from night to night – and we’ve got just the things to help, from sensual oils and candles to other accessories and toys to add to the element of surprise.

Explore Together

Don’t feel you have to hide anything from your partner – take a look at our range of branded toys, outfits and ideas together and just talk about what you’d really like to try tonight – there’s no need to be shy!

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