How do you plan a hen party?

So you have just got engaged and starting planning the big day, your all excited looking at venues, dresses and much much more, but the one question everyone keeps asking is, when are where is the Hen Party. 

In this article, I want to try and cover whose responsibility it is to plan and organise the hen party as well as some useful steps to plan the perfect hen party.

We have got a super simple 8 step plan to plan the perfect hen party.

Maid of Honour

The maid of honour is usually tasked with this part of the planning, the bride focuses more on the day itself and leaves this task to the MOH – however its not unusual for the bride to do it herself.

If you are the MOH and organising this the first decision you need to make is – is the bride being involved or is it a complete surprise for her?

The key to remember through out all of this is, will the bride like / love it? If anytime the answer is no or maybe I would recommend you stay away, after all she is likely to only get married once and you don’t want to ruin her one hen do.


First step is to speak with the bride and find out who she wants to attend and its much easier then to create a WhatsApp or Facebook Group with them all in.

Ok, while obviously the bride is the key person, trying to get a date which suits everybody will be nearly impossible – some people might have to miss out, but do try and find a date(s) which accommodates as many as possible.

At this stage you might want to do step 2 and 3 together. That might determine whether some people can make it. 

Key is finding out what the bride wants, does she want a night away in pampered with a Spa Break or is more a wild girl who wants a big night out in Benidorm.


This is KEY and arguably the most important decision. Everyone has different budgets and priorities, someone might be able to spend £500 without thinking about it while another member might have to really save to get £100.

A rough guide is that most one night hen parties comes in around £150pp but there can be big savings on multiple day activities. 

Staying closer to home and not having a hotel room really does reduce the costs if budgets are super tight.


Once budget is decided location is next. Is it going to be somewhere locally in the UK or jumping on a plane for a weekend away. Obviously budget will decide on this as well as the brides needs. Remember though sometimes it might cost you more to get to a location  but you can save on food and drink when there.

Other things to consider at this point are people with children, people who work weekends or are teachers and cant get time off during school term. While going away might seem like a fun weekend away, maybe the bride is really close to some members of the family who can’t travel due to age and how would she feel if they wasn’t there.

Check out this guide to the world’s best hen party locations.

Alternatively if you want to stay in the UK this guide of the UK best places to visit for a hen do, has you covered


So we have budgets, date and location sorted. Now its time to consider accommodation – this might not be necessary if everyone is going home afterwards to save on costs.

Hotels are much more easier and convenient but loses the personal touch as everyone is in their own rooms.

Whereas a self catering cottage with a hot tub can be a brilliant night away and allows for the whole group to bond and get to know each other.


Again the bride might not want a theme, but sometimes it can help especially if its something the bride is in to.

There are quite a few options here but a theme can make a hen party much more memorable it can push up the prices for everyone, especially if fancy dress is involved.


So once location, accommodation and budgets are set its time to start planning activities.

If there is an activity the bride has always wanted to do, try and get that booked, is there an activity like country dancing – the majority of the people might never have done it but it could be a good laugh.

Activities are what makes the hen party rememberable and there seems to be an endless supply of activities which keeps popping up.

Alternatively the hen might just want a proper night out, no activities and just in a pub – remember its all about the bride, but even in this case you can get some activities – what about cocktail making class?

Some of the party might opt out from doing certain activities so have something they can do at the same time, a pregnant woman might not want to do high speed racing, but get her involved – can she be the official timer for the laps etc.


Don’t forget food – especially on long day activities having some where planned to eat is essential. If alcohol is involved – drinking all day on an empty stomach isn’t great.

Planning in advance allows you to pick a restaurant which meets everyone’s dietary requirements.  

Also where to eat the morning after – you want to get some good food before you travel home or start another day of fun.


These are the little extra which don’t seem a lot but can quickly add up so you want to keep these in mind to stay within budget. The bunting, balloons, sashes, group t-shirts, naughty sweets if thats your plan. All of these are on their own don’t add up to much – but combined can quickly add up.

Hen party games, these while are a bit of fun – can quickly make the experience a lot more fun. Check out these cool hen party games which can really add to the fun.

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