Adult toys in the movies

They may be ideal for spicing up your night, but film directors have often found adult toys as great comedic props.  Dildos and vibrators have made more guest appearances in Hollywood than any jobbing B List celebrity.

There have been some great scenes in movies featuring sex toys.  To share the joy we’ve put together the best five clips we could find.

But, a word of explanation.  We’re talking about adult toys in mainstream movies.  In other words the films you can see on TV or online without having to give up your credit card details.

Of course, there have been some amazing adult toy scenes in XXX movies but we can’t show those here.  Well, we could….

Anyway, back to the original idea and here are our top five clips of adult toys in the movies:


1       Not Another Teen Movie

This just had to be number one.  Chyler Leigh (playing Janey Briggs) is hot anyway, but throw in 12 inches of vibrating pink plastic and she takes on a whole new dimension.

The vibrator was going to be Janey’s birthday morning treat to herself until her pleasure is disturbed as her father, dog, brother and parish priest drop by to wish her all the best.  While the pink magician is still working its magic…

Watch the clip.  Shame about the birthday cake.


2       Extreme Movie

This satirical comedy about teenage sex was released in 2008.  Amongst the predicable gags and usual japes the vibrator & cell phone scene was a standout moment.

Wait.  Vibrator & cell phone?  Yep.  Let me explain.

It’s not only kids on Christmas morning who get annoyed when their toys batteries run out.  A teenage girl (Rheagan Wallace) is flustered when her vibrator is out of batteries.  Fortunately, her vibrating cell phone gives her an idea…

Needless to say, things don’t go quite to plan and the phone becomes stuck.  Just as dinner is about to start.

Needless to say, the phone is still lodged in a happy place when an incoming call makes a family dinner an altogether more entertaining occasion than it might have been.



3       Sex and the City

Not a movie but the Turtle and the Hare episode of Sex and the City is adult toy humour at its best.  For middle-class white female bantz this is as good as it gets.

Charlotte (Kristin Davies)  is initially aghast at the thought of using a vibrator.  She changed her mind when she was introduced to The Rabbit.  “I thought it would be all scary and weird, but it isn’t.  It’s so cute.”

She then becomes so addicted to it her friends had to stage an intervention.  Bad rabbit.



4       Parenthood

An electric ear cleaner.  How else would you describe a dildo to a small child?

Why would you be describing dildos to small children anyway?  Watch Steve Martin and Dianne Wiest in the 1989 classic Parenthood to find out.



5       White Chicks

As funny movies go…this isn’t one.  But there is a pretty good scene where the two white chicks from the title (actually two African-American men dressed as white women) find themselves at a slumber party with three women.

One of the guys is then invited to demonstrate her/his blow job technique on a dildo.  “You want to look that little sucker in the eye,” is the first piece of advice.

Watch the clip but don’t bother with the rest of the movie.

Tell us in the comments below your favourite scene.

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