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5 Ways Couples Can Spice Up Their Love Life

Adding spice to your bedroom doesn’t mean moving your Friday night takeaway to another room. It could be time to start introducing some adventurous scenarios into your relationship, ask yourself this- has your sex life gone stale?  Do you feel as though you bore your partner in bed? Is sex viewed as a chore and has to be scheduled into your lives? 

Don’t get it wrong, routine is a great thing to have, and ensuring regular sex can help improve wellbeing and health.  On the other hand, sex with your other half is not a job; it is an interaction that should be thrilling and something that needs an element of spontaneity, impulse and the ability to read your partner’s emotions and body language. 

Yes, there may come a time when the sex becomes less often, and more organised, and you start asking yourself questions like “Why don’t I feel like ripping their clothes off?” or “When was the last time we had sex somewhere random?”. Many couples encounter this issue in relationships, some after a few years, others after 20 years.  However, it isn’t something that should be settled for, and is something that shouldn’t be ignored.

Maybe it is time to introduce a new member to your sex life? No- not a threeway, well at least that isn’t something we plan on discussing in this article. Start integrating games, toys and roleplay, here are five ways to add excitement into your sex life.


Experiment with Toys

Men are sometimes a little scared to initiate the use of toys in the bedroom – maybe because they are worried that the toy may replace them.  However, the benefits for both the sexes are massive and can help you both learn new things about each other.  Talk it up during the day, text each other and let each other know that you are excited to see each other as well as what you would like to do to each other later.  By the time you have both finished work and are heading home, introducing a new toy into the bedroom will not be a nervous issue thanks to the copious amount of hormones that your body has released from the talk during the day!

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Roleplay- Become Someone Else for the Night

Roleplay is defined as the changing of ones behaviour to assume a role.  Therefore, sexual roleplay is a type of character change that has a strong erotic element.  This is great for acting out those fantasies and learning more about what turns you and your partner on.  It can be as serious or as unserious as you wish it to be and nearly any role could become the basis for an erotic experience.  It will allow both of you the opportunity to show acts of dominance or submission, involving bondage or restraints.  Have your man dress up as a doctor, or your wife dress up as a teacher.  There is no limit to the role play world; it provides a safe and comfortable environment to dress up and have a lot of fun!

Sex Yourself Up

Wearing sexy underwear will not only help boost a females self esteem and make her feel attractive, it will also get the heart racing of her lucky partner.  Obviously, it isn’t the garments themselves which usually cause the intense arousal, but the woman dressed in them that does.  It helps provoke the wonderful aspect of the human brain – imagination.  A good set of lingerie will help ignite the heat again, and the relationship that lacked passion will be a thing of the past.


Play a Game or Two

When you think of bedroom games, strip poker will probably be the first game that comes to mind. Yes, strip poker is a classic, but there are so many other games that can be played in the bedroom!  Strip poker is an easy one to play, and if you don’t know how to play poker, you can always replace it with another card game that you do know.  So many games have been created with the main aim being to increase the passion between couples and improve their sex life.  Some of these games can be the perfect way to introduce a little more naughtiness such as the A Deeper Shade of Red Bondage Game, giving you a good excuse to use handcuffs and whips on your partner!

A secret place

Find A Secret Place

Find a location that can be yours and your partners.  One which you know you can meet up at and have a secret rendezvous.  It is very strange, but also interesting, how unusual places can improve your sex life.  If neither of you are ready for adventuring outside, simply find a new place within your house – the kitchen table, the sofa, the shower – anywhere new will inevitably add a quick thrill to the experience.

All 5 tips above can be used singularly at first, just whilst your confidence is increasing, and the sex is heating up.  Ultimately, try to include all 5 tips for an unforgettable night of extreme passion!

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